Is your Android App Safe for your users?

Scan your Android App with Appvigil and identify security loopholes in few minutes. Appvigil is a cloud based Android App security scanner that scan security loopholes in your android applications.

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About Appvigil

Appvigil is an advanced SECURITY LOOPHOLE SCANNER for your coolest Android Apps.

It helps you identify security & privacy vulnerabilities during app development lifecycle & reduces the chances of being damaged on production level where cost of recovery is huge.

Through its audit report, Appvigil provides exact location of loopholes with patch recommendation & in turn serves your developers with more time to create awesome features for your Android Applications.

Since it is based on our private cloud, it is very affordable & fast with lots of super cool features. Now you don't have to worry about your user's or company's digital assets, instead you can focus on how to keep delivering your awesomeness.


No Source Code Sharing

No need to share real source code at all. Just upload compiled .apk file which you will be submitting on Google Play Store. Appvigil is capable to scan direct .apk files.

Easy Risk Assessments

Analyze business risk & reduce it via Appvigil. We provide security risk assessment for your android app at early stage of your project lifecycle where the cost of damage is less

Improve Developers Productivity

Improve your developer's team productivity by giving them more time to build awesome features for your app & let Appvigil take care of security loopholes.

Detect Mobile OWASP Top 10

Detect OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities for mobile device in a minutes & fix all those security loopholes to make it secure for your users & company.

No Training Required

No need to read heavy manuals or go through exhaustive training to use Appvigil. Our detailed report helps executives & developers to fix faster.

Immediate Report Delivery

No need to wait for days to get your vulnerability report. Upload .apk file & get your assessment get report just in few minutes.

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Appvigil is an advanced security auditing tool. Appvigil helps you discover security vulnerabilities in your Android application code and help you patch those vulnerabilities!

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  • Help you patch your code instantly
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