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What is Appvigil?

Appvigil is a completely automated Mobile Reputation Protection Suite for Mobile Apps.

Powered by patent pending technology, Appvigil employs intensive static analysis and dynamic analysis along with stringent network analysis on the apps. It discovers security vulnerabilities in mobile apps, delivering thorough and comprehensive reports in just few hours.

The report points to the exact location of the security threat, along its descriptions and recommendations. It helps you make effective modifications and plugging loopholes in your apps, thus ensuring high grade application security.

Mobile Reputation Protection Suite

All the tools you need to build secure apps

Vulnerability Scanners

Appvigil app vulnerability scanner is a cloud based integrable solution that locates the exact location of security bugs in mobile apps.

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A completely integrable solution which delivers exhausitive information on whether the copies of your app installed on millions of devices are safe or are being exploited.

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Mobile Application Firewall

A completely integrable solution which allows you to defend attacks on mobile apps in real-time

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Why Appvigil?

Comprehensive Analysis

Check the security status of your app by running it against multiple automated attack vectors for security loopholes.

Improves Productivity

Improve your development team’s productivity by giving them more time to build awesome features for your app & let Appvigil take complete care of security loopholes.

Easy Risk Assessment

Analyze business risk & reduce it with Appvigil. We provide security risk assessment for your mobile app in early stages of your project lifecycle where the cost of damage is less