Automated Mobile App Vulnerability Detection

Appvigil is an automated mobile app security scanner on cloud, which enables enterprises to find security loopholes in their apps and fix them fast and accurate.
The All New Appvigil brings in Accurate Vulnerability Detection, Exhaustive Security Testing of mobile apps, Improved Reporting Structure and Intelligent Insights.
  • Compliance Specific Analysis : Get complied with industry standards like PCI-DSS, SOX, HIPPA, NIST, MAS.
  • API Vulnerability Analysis : All your RESTful APIs are now completely protected from leaking critical data.
  • Vulnerability Management System : Now manage vulnerabilities with your favorite bug management systems like JIRA and Bugzilla
  • Vulnerability Analysis based on Business Logic : Interact with apps on real device, select APIs to scan & analyze, right from the dashboard.
  • Android Studio & Eclipse Plugin : Launch app scans directly from the Android Studio IDE and Eclipse to fix security loopholes.


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The team at Appvigil brought to our attention a serious security issue. The moment the team at Appvigil notified us, we immediately got to the bottom of it and fixed it. Thanks to Appvigil, we avoided what could have been a serious threat. I would recommend them highly to any app company out there that is serious about their user privacy.
Aakrit Vaish, Founder and CEO Haptik
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