We are bringing innovation
in the way mobile app security is
served and perceived

About Wegilant

Productivity and innovation are the two focus areas of mobile application developers. But while their focus lies on those two attributes, there is a huge gap in the security of their application. It is because of this reason that android and iOS apps are vulnerable and can therefore be hacked into.

Here’s where Wegilant makes an entry. Wegilant builds tools and solutions which address the core problem of security and vulnerability in mobile applications right from the very start of development. Our core focus is to offer formidable security audit tools for mobile applications and be committed to track and tackle any security vulnerabilities before it’s too late.

Appvigil, the flagship product of Wegilant, enables enterprises to find security vulnerabilities in mobile apps and fix them.


To secure mobile app ecosystem during development, distribution & deployment phases through automation.


To automate app security assessment, monitoring & defenses accurately through innovation.

Meet Our Investors

Ravi Gururaj Chairperson NASSCOM Product Council
Viswanath Ramachandran Ex-CTO GupShup
SINE, IIT Bombay Technology Business Incubator IIT Bombay