A completely integrable solution which delivers exhaustive information
on whether the copies of your app installed on millions of devices
are safe or are being exploited.

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Whether a malware residing on user devices is trying to infiltrate into your app

Whether certain copies of your app on your users devices are being reverse engineered

Whether certain copies of your app on your users devices being tampered to gain unauthorized access

Through the vast global connectivity provided by the apps & internet, threats that once required several months to infect a few systems, can now spread to hundreds of thousands of them ­virtually instantaneously. Appvigil offers Hacklytics SDK for your mobile apps, captures all attack instances and detects whether any breach is being attempted.

Benefits of Hacklytics

Comprehensive Dashboard

Dashboard with complete real­time statistics on how your app security is faring

Event Alerts

Instant alerts and notifications on the detection of any wrong activity with your app

Get Real Time Data

In­-depth data on the number of copies being affected, geographical locations, attack vectors & more