Mobile Application Firewall

A completely integrable solution which allows you to defend
attacks on mobile apps in real­time

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Appvigil Mobile Application Firewall (MAF) comes in the form of a core SDK for your mobile apps, allowing you to stop or delay the attack through the one touch dashboard.

Appvigil MAF along with Appvigil Hacklytics alerts you on the breach attempt and thus prompting you to take actions before or while the attack is still in progress.

Appvigil MAF provides for configuring default policies to be executed in either a completely automated or manual way; thus helping you to defend the attack in the most timely manner.

Benefits of Mobile Application Firewall

Simplified Process

Automated/ Manual processes to stop/ defend/ delay the attacks on your app

Impact Details

Shows you the no. of copies affected so that you can take strict actions against them

Take Action

Block the usage of app on the particular devices on which the attack was executed