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Appvigil offers a vulnerability scanning engine which scans mobile applications and gives out the details of the vulnerabilities and their respective scores.

Businesses are rapidly adopting mobile and embracing the app economy. This has led to a tighter control on the apps used within the enterprise environment, vouching for app focused security solutions. Appvigil offers a completely integrable vulnerability engine on cloud which enables users to scan apps on their phone & find which all apps are vulnerable to security attacks with brief details.

Appvigil is backed by a robust and highly scalable infrastructure, which is capable of scanning millions of apps in few time. With our well designed and documented APIs we can provide seamless integration into a wide range of technologies and platforms.

Integrate security technology into your product or service
Add security solutions to increase install value on a device
Increase revenue stream from your security products

Appvigil caters to OEMs who offer technology solutions in the mobile device/ application space and wish to use our scanning engine to add value to their solutions.

App Marketplaces
Cloud access security brokers (CASB)

Looking for malwares? How about looking for victims? Appvigil helps you extend your app functionality and move towards providing 360 degree mobile security to your users.


OEM Benefits

Quick Vulnerability Scans of installed Apps

Scan apps installed on your users’ mobile device quickly and find what can compromise their data.

Phone’s security score based on overall vulnerabilities

Determine the security score of users’ mobile devices based on overall count of the vulnerabilities present in various apps.

Detect OWASP Top 10 for Mobile

Detect most common and top security loopholes which cause 80% of the problems in apps defined under the OWASP Top 10 for Mobile