Why Startups Should Care About Security

Last few months have been months of app hacks. Slack, Ola, Foodpanda, Zopnow, Ola again, Browserstack, Gaana.com and now Zomato. All these startups have been hacked and user data has been exposed.

Are you a startup impacting several lives with a mobile app? Are you one of those leading the bandwagon of transcendence from mobile first to mobile only? Well, then you are doing an awesome job, may the force be upon you.

We are completely aware of the challenges startups face in investing in the security of your app. But the major concern here is once the app is hacked into and sensitive information is leaked, there is no point in crying over spilt milk.

This compilation brings to you:

  • Mobile app security scenario across the globe
  • Key statistics
  • The aftermath of a hack
  • What you should employ to be secured
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