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Best Practices in Android App Security

"33% of companies never test their apps—creating all kinds of entry points for hackers to tap into business data via unsecured devices." - A Study by Ponemon Institute

It’s an exciting time to be a part of the mobile app economy – But there’s a major point of concern that many app developers are choosing to ignore: mobile app security. Last few months have been months of app hacks; Slack, Ola, Foodpanda, Zopnow, Ola again,, Zomato and more.

Organizations developing apps, whether just for in-­house use or for a wider consumer base, have a lot of catching up to do to bring the level of security integrated within apps up to the high-caliber features available on the market today.

Join us for an in­-depth discussion covering the best practices in Android app security through talks, demos, case discussions and remedies.

  • ­Android security architecture & apps communication
  • Implementing basic security checks
  • Commonly found in ­app vulnerabilities and their loopholes
  • Checklist to be verified before app deployment on Google Play


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